Wedding video diary room pack...
Video guestbooks are all unique and FUN.

Far superior to a traditional guest book as you can capture the mood, emotions and see your friends and family leave you heartfelt messages instead of trying to decode their handwriting and reading the same messages in a book.  

Digital video diary rooms are an effective way to capture spontaneous thoughts and views from your guests at your wedding reception.

The traditional methods 'wedding guest books' are for your guests to sign and leave their thoughts and remarks. Problem is - you get fifty messages which are almost identical.

SPACEBAR captures your guests personal messages on camera. A book won't capture the emotion, feelings and the atmosphere but video does, the warm wishes, hilarious messages and words of wisdom from your guests will all be unique.

:: What we do ::

A great way to offer entertainment for your reception, we set up a small studio near to your reception and offer friends and family to record unlimited messages for you on your wedding day. Traditional "book type" message books are normally stored away in a drawer or cupboard only to reappear on very rare occasions, if ever. Modern couples are now looking for something different that can let their guests leave private and personal messages for the bride and groom.

Many guests coming to a wedding will want to leave private messages and the norm is having a traditional wedding book that they sign, however with video, guests are able to leave messages in their own personal style. (we'll even provide the props!).

Here is an example of the final wedding DVD you'll receive with the menus professionally edited..

:: Fun, entertaining and personal ::

Here is an example of the final wedding DVD where you'll be able to choose the video messages from your guests..

:: Wedding video diary screenshots::

:: Pack contains ::

Pre-Wedding Consultation

  • Non-obligatory demo to meet and understand your ideas, plans & needs
  • Valuable resources provided to give you a head start on your wedding planning
  • Build a package around your requirements
  • Public liability assurances provided to venue

Before your wedding day

  • Pre-visit and coordination with your venue management
  • All equipment and associated expenses and travel within Berkshire included

On the day of the wedding

  • Arrival and setup of studio one hour before scheduled first dance
  • Managed collection of messages by SPACEBAR throughout reception (6hrs)
  • Dressing of video diary room will be done by recycling your wedding decor. (flowers, chairs, tablecloths will be repositioned into this video diary room).
  • Spacebar to provide appropriate signage to remind guests to leave video messages
  • Operator to setup/maintain and coordinate collection of messages
  • Unlimited messages/length taken from guests
  • Diary room open until evening close
  • Appropriate video booth party props included ( hats, wigs, masks etc)

Equipment used for on-the-day shoot

  • 1 High quality Sony CCD camera and appropriate studio lighting equipment
  • upto two Film makers working together to capture & coordinate messages

Post production in edit suite

  • upto 12hrs of professional editing work
  • Video messages professionally edited by SPACEBAR onto DVD
  • Custom animated DVD Menus created so you can navigate straight to the video messages
  • compiled with photos provided by you (from your photographer)
  • compiled with music provided by you (from your DJ playlist)
  • Professionally packaged for you to keep forever

Postage & packaging

  • High quality DVD clear DVD pack
  • Custom graphics created for video front and back cover
  • high quality photo gloss DVD labelling and printing
  • Postage and packing included to your address

:: Video Booth Prices ::

*We require further details of location, guest count and hours to determine final package price. We offer specialised rates when this pack is chosen as part of our wedding packages.
Service Prices
Video booth pack £450*