Wedding Day pack...
The pack below depends on a previsit to your venue to determine the logistics, access, equipment and space.  

To ensure that the reception starts promptly on-time, it is important to understand that with any delay, it will have an impact on the day and ultimately for you and your guests.

Our wedding day pack is designed to ensure that the day runs along smoothly and the production work (preparations for lighting & audio, equipment installation with flightcases and cabling etc) is all carried out behind the scenes and not in the way of your guests.

:: What we do ::

The wedding day pack is designed to ensure that the preparation of your venue and facility to prepare the wedding day pictures does not impact the flow of your day as well as cause major interruptions for you and your guests. Every event is different and after a a pre-wedding consultation with you to understand logistics, timings and your requirements, we can be setup as early as 10am.

 To ensure your wedding day runs smoothly with no hassle, this pack is designed to ensure that everything is setup before your wedding breakfast. Just like a stage setup in a theatre, you don't want our staff to be setting up in front of your guests and neither would your guests would want to see the installation, cables, vans, flight-cases, the background setting up process. If access at your venue is limited, you don't want that issue to slow down the transition from the meal to the disco, this is an important issue when the afternoon meal is to be held in the same room as the evening reception. The pack includes additional extras such as a professional and minimal PA system to play music during the meal and wireless microphones for the use during speeches. The time is also needed to prepare the wedding day slideshows and we would be working with the wedding images during this period to prepare for showing later.

This package covers the additional equipment hire duration and labour to attend your site early and to ensure the smooth running of the day.

:: Services include ::

  • Early arrival of equipment
  • Preparation of sound/lighting equipment to allow for turnaround on time
  • Bespoke music/video playlist creation for wedding breakfast meal
  • 2nd Photography/Candid informal pictures of guests - souvenir pics
  • Wireless mics/lapel microphones for speeches
  • Work alongside bestman presentation and provide appropriate audio/video equipment for their speech
  • Projector screen use and assistance with presentations
  • Background Music
  • Ushering and welcoming of guests, work alongside ushers
  • Microphones for speeches and announcements
  • MC Announcements: Wedding breakfast gathering/introductions
  • MC Announcements: Speeches announcements
  • MC Announcements: General hosting throughout the afternoon period
  • MC Announcements: Fantastic introductions to greet you into wedding meal
  • Ambient mood lighting preparations (if chosen)